At icesmith we do our utmost to create products which have as minimal an impact on the natural world as possible. To that end, we carefully source our ingredients from suppliers who share our values. We focus on local, organic, and seasonally available ingredients wherever possible, and we design our recipes to minimise their carbon footprint. When we are not able to purchase items locally, such as in the case of cocoa and vanilla products, we aim to choose suppliers who use sustainable and ethical growing, harvesting, and shipping methods. We feel that this not only makes great gelato, but makes a better world for our customers, too.

Although we do offer some dairy-based products, we try to keep our recipes plant-based as much as possible, as there is considerable scientific evidence suggesting that plant-based diets help to reduce carbon emissions. Our plant-based protein substitutes are UK-made wherever possible, and the organic dairy products we do use are from grass-fed, local herds. 

Our intent is to shift to vegan recipes by 2020 where our focus will still be on intense and unique flavours and we are working on publishing a full interactive map where you will be able to see where our ingredients come from. It will also include the water use, CO2 emissions, and their food miles, so keep a look out in the near future. This data will also appear on product pages.