Sea Fig

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Hottentot Fig

There’s a new sorbetto in town! Introducing our sea fig sorbetto, made with fruit known as the ‘sea fig’ or ‘hottentot fig’ foraged from the southwest coast of Britain. It has a refreshingly sweet-sour cucumber-like taste and would make a great palate cleanser, and would probably also pair beautifully with gin! Feeling adventurous?

Our Gelato

The icesmith small batch gelato process ensures that all flavours are freshly made and intended to excite and inspire your palate. For the best taste, please eat immediately or within 2 days of delivery. Our gelato is very dense as it is not pumped with air (unlike commercial gelato and ice cream). While this means that there is more product in the container and the flavour is more intense, it also requires some time to thaw once removed from the freezer. 


Let me warm up to you...Take me out of the freezer 15 minutes before indulging. 
Gelato is a dense product, so please allow this time to enjoy it at its best.

Keep the gelato in the freezer at -18˚C. Once removed from the freezer, please do not refreeze